Call for Submissions: Ma'nanas Magazine February 2024 Issue

Mariejose - Jan-10-2024

Dear Creatives,

Mananas Magazine is thrilled to invite artists, writers, photographers, and creators from all walks of life to contribute to our February 2024 issue. This month, we embark on a creative journey that explores the intricate dynamics of love and hate, revealing the contrasting facets of this emotional spectrum.

**Theme: "Inspired by Love & Hate"**

1. *Profound Connections*: Delve into the depths of love through your art, articles, and photography. Explore the beauty of intimate bonds and profound connections with family/friends that emanate from within.

2. *Seeds of Hatred*: Unveil the darker side of emotions through your creative pieces. Showcase how the seeds of hatred take root in the same avenues where love resides, offering a stark contrast to the brighter aspects of life.

3. *Conflict Inherent*: We encourage you to skillfully portray the conflict inherent in both love and hate. Use your creativity to weave a tapestry that captures the complexities of these emotions, acknowledging their undeniable presence in our lives.

**Submission Guidelines:**
- Categories: Artworks, Articles, Designs, Creative Pieces, Fashion, Photography
- Mediums: Art, Literature, Photography
- Deadline: 27th January 2024

**How to Submit:**
1. Email your submissions to with the subject line: "February 2024 Submission - [Your Name]."
2. Include a brief artist/writer/photographer bio and a high-resolution photo of yourself.
3. Attach your work in the email or provide a link to access it.

**Review Process:**
Our dedicated team will carefully review each submission, considering its alignment with the theme and sub-themes. Responses will be shared with you promptly.

This month serves as a canvas for you to vividly portray the intricate dynamics of love and hate. Let's come together to create a compelling issue that captures the profound meanings these emotions hold.

We look forward to receiving your inspiring contributions!

Warm regards,
Wasonga Okinda
Editor-in-Chief, Mananas Magazine

IG: @mananasmagazine